3 Ways to Fight Boredom at Work

Your time is way too valuable to spend it bored out of your mind at work. Learn how to leverage your time wisely so you grow, meet your goals, and have fun along the way.

Sometimes the minutes and hours during the workday drag. No matter how busy you are, you just want to go home. You watch the clock – and it doesn’t seem to move. This may be caused by any number of things. Maybe your job isn't fast enough to keep you busy? Or priorities outside of the office have zapped your focus. As a result, you will feel bored and dissatisfied and your work will suffer.

Instead of letting that time pass by playing solitaire for the millionth time, here are five ways you can stay productive at work. But first, an important caveat. Occasional boredom IS NOT a bad thing. In fact, research shows that boredom can be great for your brain because it gives you a chance to relax and unleash your creativity in new ways.

3 Ways to Kick Boredom to the Curb at Work

At El and Al, we are all about avoiding burnout and stress, so we want you to see sporadic boredom as a time to chill and recharge. However, if you are constantly bored, this can lead to an unfulfilled life. So without further ado, let’s get your boredom under control once and for all!


Find some time. Find some time to do something.

— Tyler the Creator "Boredom"

#1 Ask for More Work (Seriously, Do it Now)

Ok, ok I get it. You probably want to immediately stop reading this blog but hear me out. If you're bored at work, then a likely reason is that you don’t have enough work to do in the first place. When you are busy – really busy not just pretending to be busy by reading emails or filing, you don’t have time to be bored.

Initiative is an attractive quality to have in your professional life. By reaching out to your boss and letting them know that you are available to do more, you are making yourself an asset, and this can help you grow, earn more money, advance in your career.

Being a creator and producer at work is one of the most empowering things you can do for yourself. It feels good to get things done, and you know what? You were made for so much more than just sitting around watching the clock. You’ve got infinite untapped potential lying dormant inside of you right now just waiting to be released. Don’t let another day go by without living up to all you can do.

#2 Organize Your Workspace

The feeling of clearing your workspace of unneeded things might be just what you need to get an energy boost.

Being constantly bored on the job can be messy, literally.

When you are busy in completing your projects or office work your workspace can get messy. If you are really bored at work, get your Marie Kondo on, and spark some joy by purging the unnecessary. An organized workspace can boost productivity for those times when you are busy and it can reduce stress.

Research shows that excess clutter promotes procrastination and can lead to anxiety. You don’t want to be bored and anxious AF at work so clean up. And while you are organizing, don’t neglect your computer files. Organizing your files and putting in place ways to make your day-to-day tasks easier can be fun with the right mindset. And not-so-shameless plug, we have an amazing organizational planner filled with printable resources for organizing your life at work and home so download that jawn today!.

#3 Work On Your Exit Strategy

So far, we've talked about practical things you can do to eliminate boredom short-term, but there is one super obvious, long-term solution you can make when you aren't fulfilled at your job - LEAVE IT.

Excessive boredom at the workplace can be a sign that your days are numbered at that employer. It could be that you’ve completed your purpose there and there is nowhere else for you to grow. If this is the case, then use this time to being mapping out what the net chapter of your life is going to look like.

You may be obliged for some time to do what you do not like to do, but you can make the doing of it pleasant by knowing that it is making it possible for you to come to the doing of what you want to do.

— Wallace D Wattles

Now don’t get it twisted – I’m not telling you to surf LinkedIn on your employer’s dime. However, you can put together a plan that enables you to improve your skills, expand your network, and learn about opportunities to advance at work. For example, if you know that there is a need in your current job for an Excel pro, ask your boss if you can take trainings in spreadsheets. This solves two problems: you are expanding the scope of your current role and you are growing in your skills which is a must for advancement.

Instead of sitting at your desk without doing anything, produce something with the goal of future advancement. Creation is essential to advancement. For example, if you are good writing, you can start a blog on a topic that you have a professional interest in. If you are an administrator, you can create new workflows that save time and boost productivity. Producing something new will have a stimulating effect on your brain and eliminate the boredom you are experiencing.

Remember: the more dissatisfied you feel in a job, the more opportunities you have to grow and land in a better position that is a better fit. Don't waste this time, put it to good use.

Action Steps

If there is one thing that boredom can teach you it is the value of using time wisely. If you are experiencing constant boredom at work, you must be proactive about fixing this situation because time is your most valuable asset. You cannot afford to waste your time and not live in your purpose. Whether it is organizing, working more, or planning your next chapter, you have options for using your time wisely and efficiently.

So, here’s what you need to do. Check out our resources designed to help you stay productive, organized, and focused on professional growth. If you haven’t already, join our email list for more tools and resources designed to bring you work life harmony. And finally, take action. Even if it is a small step, you are in motion and will stay in motion if you stay determined.

You’ve got this. I believe in you and know your life is meant to be anything but boring.

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