Why Work Life Harmony Matters


There are lots of people who say work-life balance is a myth or impossible. While we don't necessarily agree that the pursuit of balance is a bad thing, we do think that work-life harmony is more attainable way of living for the age we are in. Now what does work-life harmony even mean?

Work-life harmony can be defined in a lot of ways, but how we think at El and Al is this: - your work and life are in harmony when things are arranged to keep your stress down and your focus high.


When you hear good harmony, it all comes down to how the voices are arranged. One of the best singers when it comes to harmony is Brandy, whose vocal arrangements are influential in a number of ways. The quintessential Brandy song always has an amazing chorus that sounds like there are a zillion Brandy's singing out in - you guessed it - perfect harmony.

So you might be thinking, that's great, but what does that have to do with work-life harmony? Well, when you are feeling stressed and out of focus, it's like a choir full of people singing off-key. And this off-key choir causes you to miss deadlines, wake up late, feel tired all of the time, and feel unfulfilled.

At El and Al, our mission is to keep you in tune like a Brandy song, which is why we create resources that promote self-care, purpose driven living, and growth.

Work-life harmony gives you the ability to take a reality-based approach at prioritizing what matters most in your personal and professional life.


Here are seven things you can do starting today to prioritize harmony in your work and life. These principles are simple and can be implemented immediately into your daily life.


#1 Start Where You Are Right Now

So many people think that becoming a better human means buying a bunch of self-help books that will explain what is missing from your present life and what you need to do or buy to achieve future happiness. We are here to let you know you are enough right now. You can't achieve work-life harmony if you are always feeling inadequate in some way. Whatever it is inside of you - a dream or goal, whatever, you don't have to wait until tomorrow to start. Start right now. Get going on building the life you want immediately and don't wait for the future. Live for the present and before you know it your future self will be here better and wiser than before.

#2 Build a Morning Routine

Starting your day off right is essential. How many times have you bombed a presentation or gotten into a spat with a coworker all because your morning energy was off? A good start to your morning will fuel you throughout the day. It will help you go through the rest of your day with intention and a productive attitude.  


How you start your day has a direct impact on how you end it. Creating a morning routine is empowers you to steer your day in the right direction.

#3 Focus on the Things You Can Control

Understand that you are not in the business of changing others. You are running your own race. Harmony can't flow in your life if you are concerned about what someone else is doing. Focus on what you need to do in your work and life. Your purpose can only be fulfilled by you.

In essence, if we want to direct our lives, we must take control of our consistent actions. It's not what we do once in a while that shapes our lives, but what we do consistently.

—Tony Robbins

#4 Lead with Gratitude

Gratitude is not optional. You must cultivate and become an addict of gratitude. Studies show that people who live with gratitude are happier and healthier. It's super hard to feel bad about your professional or personal life all of the time when you operate from a center of gratitude.


#5 Ensure That You Are Growing

If you are aren't growing, you aren't achieving. Harmony in work and life requires growth and growth is built on establishing habits and routines that work for you and not against you. At El and Al, we create tools that help you grow daily because progression is a necessary component of work-life harmony.


The lines between work time and home time are more blurry than ever. With work-life harmony, you acknowledge that you can't devote equal time to each area of your life, but you can arrange things to ensure that stress is minimized and focus is maximized.

#6 Incorporate Generosity in All You Do

Generosity is the byproduct of growth and a sign of gratitude at work in your life. When we are grateful for what we have, we share it. The more you learn, the more you give, the more you achieve, the more you share. Anything we create is made with the intention of you passing it on and living each day with a generous heart.


#7 End Each Day with Reflection

A good evening routine is like a mirror image of your morning routine. While you want a morning routine that ramps you up for the day ahead, your evening routine is all about coming down and reflecting on your actions and feelings.


One must marry one's feelings to one's beliefs and ideas. That is probably the only way to achieve a measure of harmony in one's life.

—Napoleon Hill

Pulling It All Together

You can implement work-life harmony today by finding ways to arrange your life to minimize stress and maximize focus. At El and Al Co., our mission is to create the tools and resources that help you improve your professional and personal lives at the center where they inevitably overlap.

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